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(Due Date: March 5)

Website Design (Part IV): Background Color

Everything looks great so far. The only real differences between our Photoshop version and our HTML version is that the “Content Goes Here” area isn’t populated with anything yet and the bottom area isnt’ the same color as our Photoshop version’s. So, here’s how we assign a color to a Table’s cell.

  1. Click on the white area of the fifth row (cell) of our table
  2. On our Properties box, here is where we change the cell color:

The “BG” stands for “Background” (meaning the background color of the cell itself). To change the actual webpage back ground color, we must visit another option for that which we will get to later on.

  1. Open your webpage design in Photoshop
  2. Use the Eyedropper tool on your tool bar to sample the color at the bottom of the page 
  3. Double click on the “foreground color” 

The color will be displayed like this:

We are concerned with the RGB values, which are Red: 24, Green: 23, and Blue: 25

  1. In Dreamweaver, click on the BG button
  2. Click on the Color Wheel button 
  3. Enter in the values that were collected from Photoshop here: 
  4. Click “Ok”

Our design should now appear like this:

Save your work.