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Rubric - Create Your Own Weebly Site


Criteria Points
Website URL followed proper naming convention; Ms. Dunfee was added as an editor to you site  
Your website has an appropriate name; the name of your website has been changed to become the site title as well  
You designed a custom logo for your website that was 300x175 px with a transparent background and incorporated at least 2 colors besides black, white, and grey  
Your logo was implemented in the header section of every page  
You used a Weebly template other than "Muse Technologies"  
The color scheme of your website matches that of your logo  
Your website exemplifies an overall cohesiveness in content and aesthetics  
Your website has four main pages, including one of the main pages having a drop-down menu that includes at least 2 additional pages related to their "parent" page.  
A combination of text and images are used throughout your website   
Your website includes (a) 4 hyperlinks that are linked to external sites and open in a new window, and (b) 2 hyperlinks that are linked to internal pages on your site and open in the same window  
Your website includes a relevant contact form  
Your website incorporates the image slider plug-in module "Slider" with at least three images related to your site in it  
Your website incorporates at least one additional plug-in module from Weebly's app store (the name of the plug-in you chose must be listed in your "My Weebly Site" Google doc to receive any points)  
Your website incorporates at least two additional built-in Weebly features from the grey toolbox area on the left-hand side of the screen in your Weebly workspace  (the names of both features you chose must be listed in your "My Weebly Site" Google doc to receive any points)  
You submitted your website URL by pasting the link in your "My Weebly Site" Google doc ALL or None