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Create Your Own Weebly Site

Due Date: Monday, Nov. 6th beginning of class

 Now that you have completed the Weebly tutorial site, it is time to create your own Weebly site!

The site you are building is completely from your own mind, from head to toe, start to finish. The concept can be anything you want it to be based on. It could be oriented around your up-and-coming band. Or, perhaps you fancy yourself a design specialist or other creative type. Maybe you invent things. The sky is the limit. But, your idea must be approved by your instructor first.



  1. Your website must follow this naming convention, using a subdomain of Weebly:
    1. Type the first initial of your first name followed by your last name (all lowercase with NO SPACES). Then type a dash mark. Then type mhs followed by another dash mark. Then type mysite.
    2. It should look something like this: adunfee-mhs-mysite
    3. So your URL would look something like this:
  2. You must add Ms. Dunfee as an editor of your site by choosing the Settings link at the very top of the page and then clicking Editors in the left-hand column. Then click the blue "Add Editor" button in the upper-right corner. Enter Ms. Dunfee's email address in the email field (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), keep the option selected for "Admin" in the permissions section, and then click the green "Save Editor" button.
  3. In your Web Design folder on Google Drive, make a document titled "My Weebly Site". In this document, copy and paste the link to your new website. (You may have to publish the site before you are able to view it through your URL).
  4. Finally, your website should meet all of the additional criteria below. Make sure you are regularly publishing your website as you work on it!


Your website must include:

  • A name and overall cohesiveness in content and aesthetics
  • The name of your site must be used as the site title instead of using the one that came with the Weebly theme you chose (Remember how we changed the site title to be MHS Multimedia Design instead of Muse Technologies...see Part 2 of the tutorial instructions)
  • A custom designed logo for your website (nice, flashy...something to get your audience's attention)
    • Your logo must be 300px wide and 175px tall with a trasparent background (the logo should NOT have a rectangular colored background behind it, see below). Your logo must include at least 2 colors, not including black, white, and grey (the bowling logo below would not meet the color requirements).

  • After you create your logo, put the PNG version of it into your Google Drive "Web Design" folder. You will not receive any points for the logo part if you do not do this.
  • Your logo should be implemented in the header section of every page by changing the option from "text" to "logo" by clicking on the site title. (See image below)

  • A Weebly template other than "Muse Technologies"
  • The colors on your website should compliment your logo (adjust the theme colors)
  • At least four main pages in the navigation menu. One of the main pages in your navigation must have a drop-down menu with at least two additional pages that are related to the "parent" page.
    • Ideas for pages: home (welcome your audience to your page), news (what has been going on), special interest page (why are people coming to this page? Is it your music? Your invention? Your comic strip that you've developed? Your art gallery?), portfolio (examples of what you do), about me ( tell your audience a little about yourself), contact (where you/your business is located, how to get a hold of you, etc.)
  • A combination of text and images must be used throughout the site
  • At least four hyperlinks to exterior sites must be included (the hyperlinks must open in a new window)
  • At least two hyperlinks to interior sites must be included (these should open in the same window).
  • A contact form that goes with the page it is on (the form must make sense in relation to your website and the page it is on)
  • The image slider plug-in module called "Slider" from Weebly's App store. You must have at least three images in your slider that relate to your website.
  • At least one other plug-in of your choice from Weebly's App store. Make sure you write the name of this app in your Google Drive document underneath your website URL in the "My Weebly Site" you created at the beginning of this assignment. You will not receive any points for this part if you do not do this.
  • At least two other built-in Weebly features taken from the grey toolbox area on the left-hand side of the screen in your Weebly workspace. Make sure you write the name of the features you chose in your Google Drive document underneath your website URL in the "My Weebly Site" you created at the beginning of this assignment. You will not receive any points for this part if you do not do this.