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Website Deployment: On Your Own

Due Date: March 22

Now that have finished developing a site, it is time to create a custom version to call your very own.

Website Design Option #1 (For those who feel they are creative types)

The site you are building is completely from your own mind, from head to toe, start to finish. The concept can be anything you want it to be based on. It could be oriented around your up-and-coming band. Or, perhaps you fancy yourself a design specialist or other creative type. Maybe you invent things. The sky is the limit. But, your idea must be approved by your instructor first.

What you will need to complete this website is as follows:

Design a logo for your page - nice, flashy,...something to get your audience's attention.

  • At least four pages, designed by using a Dreamweaver Template, Adobe Photoshop and maybe even Adobe Illustrator
    • Home Page - welcome your audience to your page.
    • News - What has been going on with you?
    • My special interest page - why are people coming to this page? Is it your music? Your invention? Your comic strip that you've developed? Your Art gallery?
    • About me page - tell your audience a little about yourself and how to get a hold of you.
  • A combination of text and images must be used throughout the site.
  • At least four hyperlinks to exterior sites must be included
  • CSS Styles must be used for page headers and body text
  • Rollover Effects must be applied to buttons and other forms of naviation
  • Tables and Cells must be used to establishe webpage layout integrity

Website Design Option #2 (For those who feel they lack genuine creativity)

The site you are building is not for you.

It is for a new toy company that specializes in video game development.

The company is called “KONSTRUKTION MEDIA”

  • They need a nice logo.
  • A website must be designed in Adobe Photoshop
  • Konstruktion Media uses very specific colors (their company colors). Use these in your design
  • Guides must be used to divide the page up to prepare for “slicing”
  • Slices must be used to prepare the individual parts up for HTML
  • In Dreamweaver, you must establish your site prior to any layout work
  • The site must have “rollover buttons”
  • Their website will consist of these pages
    • Home page
    • Product Page
    • News Page
    • Company Information page
  • A Template page must be designed and assigned to all pages
  • CSS must be used that spans across all pages for appropriate text formatting
  • Utilize at least four photos/graphics within your site (could be toys, games, software packaging, etc).
  • Incorporate at least four external hyperlinks (example: MARVEL COMICS)
  • Incorporate a working email (example: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Here is the content for Konstruktion Media's web pages


Home Page

Konstruktion Media welcomes you to our company website. Please take some time to visit the different sections of the site to acquire the latest information on our Corporate overseas operations, the release of our new K0 console system, or the current status of our flagship product: SPYCRAFT.


Company Information

Overseas Operations

Konstruktion Media is a Bloomington, Illinois based company that specializes in the development and distribution of toys and games for all ages throughout North and South America.  The company’s humble roots, starting out of Mr. Barry Simms garage in 1974, have long been the backbone for KM’s work model that has helped it not only survive but also thrive during tough economic times these last few years of American recession. For that, KM family is most appreciative of our loyal customers and investors. And, because of such loyalty, Konstruktion Media has been able to weather the storm to the point where expansion has become an opportunity.

New avenues for revenue growth are evolving in Europe and Asia, calling for an enhanced oversight by KM to set up shop in these markets. The video game market, once dominated solely by the Asian domain, is now more open to outside influences and the KM family is spearheading operations to tackle such a challenge. Designers, working on a wide array of games for Windows and Mac tablets, phones, and desktop machines are also busy porting their games to all major consoles (Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, STEAM) in hopes to gain a working foothold to capture a new audience from overseas. Again, thanks to the help from Konstruktion’s existing customer base, this dream has become a reality.  


News Page

Video Game News

Konstruktion Media is proud to announce “K0” the revolutionary new console for game deployment, partnered by EA Games, Sony Interactive, Squaresoft, Bethseda, and Microsoft that incorporates the latest technology into a console that sports the greatest game playing experiences and modern day media capturing experiences – all in one place: your entire home. The K0 is the first console to act as a central media server to every room in the home, providing not only streaming content from providers (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) but also the video games of all genres (classic to the most modern releases) without using a hardwire LAN for optimization. The unit also utilizes voice activation on every TV set in the home without any added hardware upgrades to preexisting television sets or media units. And, there is more exciting news: K0’s virtual reality 3D holographic function – the first of its kind, where the user is completely immersed in a virtual world that looks, sounds, feels,…and even tastes and smells like a real world. Development is still underway on the K0 with Konstruktion looking at a December release date for product deployment to Amazon.com and Walmart.com online stores.


Product Page

SPYCRAFT (temporarily discontinued)

Konstruktion Media will be temporarily discontinuing “SPYCRAFT” due to legal proceedings with Swedish game designer MOJANG, claiming that Spycraft is subject to copyright infringement against their product Minecraft. Konstruction Media would like to assure the public that these claims are unfounded and that our Spycraft product is under fire due to simple name assimilation. We are anticipating that this issue will be resolved soon and our product will ship before the holiday season. Our Spycraft servers remain unaffected. So, current subscribers will still be able to access their online account information and game realms without interruption.