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Vinyl Monogram Project

In this project, you will design and create your own monogram vinyl sticker!


•  Must be a VECTOR graphic created in Adobe Illustrator

•  Must use the type tool in some way

•  Must use the shape tool in some way

•  Must incorporate at least three different colors

 PART A (Sketch Ideas) - Due September 15th

Turn-in: One piece of paper with three ideas on it (in pencil only; no color yet)

  • Using a pencil and an 8.5”x11” paper, sketch three different ideas for your monogram design
  • Be sure each design includes a shape element of some sort
  • Be thoughtful. Take time to develop your ideas.
  • Keep the final product in mind (a multi-colored, layered, vinyl sticker)
  • Do some research!


 PART B (Finalize Your Design) - Due 9/18

  • Choose one of your designs to use as your final design.
  • On a new piece of paper, sketch your final design, making any adjustments from your original sketch. Take your time to develop a quality sketch with nice lines and detail.
  • Use colored pencils to show how your vinyl graphic will be divided into at least 3 different colored layers. The purpose of using the colored pencils is to show the division of layers, NOT to show which colors of vinyl you want to use. In other words, the actual colors of the colored pencils you use in your sketch do not matter.
  • Once you are finished with your finalized sketch, show it to the instructor to get it approved.


PART C (Create Your Design in AI)

  • Make a new folder in your Multimedia folder and name it "Vinyl Monogram"
  • Create your design in Adobe Illustrator. If you choose to, you can scan your sketch into the computer and then trace it in Illustrator. You do not have to scan and trace your image unless your design lends itself to that.
  • The final size of your design can be no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches and no less than 6 inches by 6 inches (make sure this is done in Illustrator, using the Rulers and Guides - watch this video first!)
  • Make sure each of your colors is on its own layer. (i.e. if my design has 3 colors, I should have 3 layers)
  • Overlapping shapes (of the same color) should be "merged"
  • Save the file as an Adobe PDF and place it into your Vinyl Monogram folder BOTH on Google Drive and in your student folder on the server.


PART D (Create Your Vinyl Graphic)

  • Make sure your PDF is saved in your personal student folder on the server.
  • Once you login to the vinyl cutting stations, you should be able to find your file by navigating to its saved location in your personal student folder on the server.
  • After the vinyl is cut, be sure to remove the negative spaces that are not part of the actual design (using an Exacto knife). This is called "Weeding."  
  • Use application fluid to apply the different vinyl layers to each other (from bottom to top)
  • Be sure to remove all air bubbles, using pins, exact knives, or by simply applying enough pressure with your vinyl applicator
  • Take a picture of your completed vinyl creation and save the image to your Vinyl Monogram folder.