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Introduction to Multimedia

Due Date: August 17

Multimedia: the combination of various audio/visual disciplines that surrounds us every day, usually in combination to create a singular experience that is intended to truly stimulate the senses of the observer. During the early days of common computer use, multimedia was touted as the next great stage of technological evolution, though today it is so often disacknowledged because it has always been there. Thus, it is also often misunderstood and the typical user mystified as to how it actually works.

In this course, the student will become acquainted with the inner workings of how Multimedia is created, assembled, and packaged in such a way that their end product reaches their intended target, with their intended product providing the end result to said target audience.

Objectives of Multimedia

STL 12 - Students will develop the abilites to use and maintain technological products and systems

    • Follow step-by-step instructions
    • Use computers to access and organize information
    • Operate Systems