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Fluid Animation: Shapes Project (Advanced)

 Due Date: May 4


Conversion: Graphic to Movie Clip

  1. Shapes Project Advanced
  2. Re-open your Adobe Flash assignment called “Shapes Project”
  3. Locate the Red Circle in the library
  4. Right click on the circle and select “Properties”
  5. Change the Type from “Graphic” to “Movie Clip”
  6. Your Library items should look like this

Notice how the icon for Red Circle now looks like a film reel. This indicates that the red circle library item can be animated independently from the rest of the stage animation.

 Red Circle Animation

  1. Double click on the red circle movie clip. This will put you back into “Isolation Mode.”
  2. Now, on the timeline, rename “Layer 1” to “Red Circle Backing.”
  3. Create a new layer and name it “White circle”
  4. Create a new layer and name it “Pink Square”
  5. Create a new layer and name it “Yellow Triangle”
  6. In the Library, create a Graphic and call it “White Circle.” Double click that item and create a white circle in the Isolation Mode area, just like you did with your original Circle, Square, and Triangle shapes. The process is the same.
  7. Do the same for the Pink Square and Yellow Triangle. Create new Library items for them as well and create the shapes in the same manner.
  8. On the timeline, click on frame 60 on the Yellow Triangle layer. Now, hold the Shift Key and select Frame 60 of the Red Circle Backing layer.

  9. Right click on any of the highlighted frames and select “Insert Frames.” This will populate all of the frames (between 1 and 60) for all layers that belong to the Red Circle Movie Clip.
  10. Now, select Frame 60 for the White Circle, Yellow Triangle, and the Pink Square layers, using the same method as before. Only, once the frames are selected, right click and choose “Create Motion Tween.” This will give life to these three shape layers and their timelines.
  11. On the Yellow Triangle layer, select Frame 60 and then go to the Properties box. Change the “Rotate” to 2 times. Make sure it is also set to “CW.” Do the same for the Pink Square Frame 60.

  12. Select Frame 15 for all of the layers except for the Red Circle Backing. Right click and select “Insert KeyFrame” and then select “Position.”  KeyFrames will allow us to make changes and modifications during the tween.
  13. There should be a bounding box around your three shapes. Rotate the bounding box counter clockwise about a quarter turn (25%). Create new KeyFrames at 30 and repeat. Do the same at Frame 45. At Frame 60, try to reposition your shapes back to their original position.

Get out of Isolation Mode and slide the Play Back Head back and forth. You should see animation within the red circle. This illustrates that you can have Library items with their own independent animation sequences.

To test your animation, select "Control" from the top menu and then select "Test Movie" and then select "In Flash Professional"

 Green Triangle Animation

  1. In your Library, convert the Green Triangle object from a Graphic to a Movie Clip. Double click on the Green Triangle Movie clip and rename the Layer 1 to Green Triangle Backing. Create a new layer and title it “Yellow Triangle.” Now, drag the yellow triangle to the Yellow Triangle layer. Be sure to give both layers 60 frames. Create a Tween on the Yellow Triangle layer.
  2. Position your yellow triangle, on Frame 1, in the bottom left corner of the Green triangle. You will animate the Yellow triangle to move from one corner to another, and to another, and then back to it’s original location over 60 frames. Your animation should look like this:


Blue Square Animation: Dealer’s Choice

The square can have any type of animation you would like applied to it. However, there must be some sort of animation evident.

To test your animation, select "Control" from the top menu and then select "Test Movie" and then select "In Flash Professional"

Save your project as "Shapes Project Advanced" (FLA file)

Export your project as "Shapes Project Advanced" (SWF file)