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Due Date: April 12

FL Studio (Part XI): Effects and Post Production (Part 2)

  1. Open your “My First Song with Effects Automated” file
  2. Click on the Master Insert on the mixer
  3. There is an effect already inserted called “Fruity Limiter” that is located in the #8 slot. Hold down the Shift key, hover your mouse above the Fruity Limiter effect in the slot, and then scroll your mouse wheel up and reposition it into the #7 slot.
  4. In the #8 slot, insert the effect called “EQUO” (This is a graphic equalizer/spectrum analyzer tool)

When you play your song, the EQUO will give a visual representation of sound frequencies (No, they’re not just pretty lights. They actually mean something)

  1. Click on the Sytrus insert.
  2. On the three-band parametric equalizer, move the right slider (highs) up
  3. On the three-band parametric equalizer, move the middle slider (mid) up
  4. On the three-band parametric equalizer, move the left slider (lows) down

Make sure your parametric equalizer looks like the one below.

Re-adjust the Sytrus volume level so that it is now set at 60%

Select the PadWah Insert and make sure it’s parametric looks like the one below

Make the Kick inserts parametric equalizer looks like this:

  1. Select the Master mixer insert and select the “Fruity Limiter” from the #7 effects slot
  2. In the Fruity Limiter interface, click on the upper left arrow and select Presets
  3. From the presets, select “Max Loudness”

Save your file as “My First Song Mastered”