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Due Date: April 12

FL Studio (Part IX): Effects and Post Production (Part 1)

On the right portion of the Mixing console is where special effects are added to individual Inserts. This panel allows for eight different effects to be applied to each individual Insert. So, effectively, each instrument that you have in your song can have up to eight special effects applied to them.

If you were to click on the Kick insert and then click on the PadWah insert, it appears as there is no difference between the two. However, this is not the case. In actuality, you have seen two different effects panels.

  1. Click on the FL Keys Insert on the mixer
  2. Right Click on the Green light on the FL Keys insert to solo that Insert
  3. Now, click on the arrow on the “1” on the Effects panel 
  4. Choose “Replace” and then select “Fruity Reverb.” You should see this: 
  5. On the Fruity Reverb panel, adjust the actual “Reverb” property to 50% 
  6. On the Effects Panel, click on the down arrow on the “2” slot
  7. Select “Fruity Delay 2”
  8. Adjust the “Dry” level so that it is set at 90 degrees (straight up and down) 
  9. Solo the Insert for “Big 80’s”
  10. Insert the effect “Fruity Flanger” 
  11. Right click on the  "rate" knob and choose “Type In Value” and then type in “.80” with your keyboard.
  12. Right click on “depth” and choose “Type In Value” and then type in “.60” with your keyboard.

This will adjust the sound of the flanger so that it changes the sound of the Big 80’s sound. Also, this process illustrates that we can either drag a slider, rotate a knob, or even type in a value (for the most exact control) over a parameter of a sound.

Be sure to re-enable all of your Inserts on your mixer to see how the song sounds now. You may need to adjust your Insert sliders to re-balance your sounds as added effects will change the sound level from time to time.

Save your file as "My First Song Mixed with Effects"