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Turn off your iPad. It is not to be used (in any way) in this classroom, either for academic or recreational use (unless approved by the instructor). Ignoring this will result in detention and further disciplinary action (Gross Misconduct/Refusal to comply). Did you remember to put your assignments in a folder? Did you label the folder after the assignment title? Did you save your file in the appropriate manner? If not: NO GRADE! Check your PowerSchool frequently. It's your RESPONSIBILITY!


Due Date: April 12

FL Studio (Part VI): Arranging a Song

Open the file "My First Arrangement"

Arrange your patterns into a song using this layout in any combination you see fit. .

  • My First Pattern (used at least four times)
  • My Second Pattern (used at least six times)
  • My Third Pattern (used at least three times)
  • My Fourth Pattern (used eight times)

 Congratulations! You have arranged your first song.

Save your file as “My First Song”