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Due Date: April 12

FL Studio (Part V): Patterns and Arrangements

Open your “My First Pattern” file.

We are going to add more patterns to this file. In order to do this, we need to change what pattern we are on. FL Studio always starts you out with Pattern 1. In order to change to Pattern 2:

  1. Click on the PAT box up at the top and drag it until it says “2”.
  2. On the step sequencer, rename the Pattern 2 name to “My second pattern”
  3. Choose a purple color for the pattern name
  4. Click “Enter”

For the “My First Pattern,” portion of this tutorial, I have provided you with the beat and the notes that you were to use to populate the pattern. For “My Second Pattern,” you are to create a completely custom pattern of your own design. All instruments must have notes or beats.

To complete this portion of the tutorial, there must also be a “My Third Pattern” (color it Blue) and a “My Fourth Pattern” (color it Green) created and populated with notes/beats.

Now that four patterns have been created, we need to create an “Arrangement.” An arrangement requires use of the “Playlist” inside FL Studio. In order to bring up the Playlist, click on this icon on the top menu:

What you should see is this:

The Playlist is divided up into individual “Tracks” where patterns can be arranged to make a sound. The reason. The patterns can be arranged both vertically and horizontally, though the song plays horizontally. Placing patterns on top of each other will cause multiple patterns to play back at the same time, thus the sound can become very cluttered very fast if the arrangement isn’t though out very well.

  1. Switch the pattern back to “My First Pattern”
  2. On “Track 1” click on the track (this will place a “clip” of “My First Pattern”)
  3. Change the pattern to “My Second Pattern”
  4. Click on “Track 1” on the track and will place a “clip” of “My Second Pattern”)
  5. Continue with this by placing “My Third Pattern” and “My Fourth Pattern”. Notice that all patterns are labeled and color coded on the track to reflect your naming and color coding scheme. This is how it should look:


The default windows arrangement in FL Studio makes it sometimes difficult to see real well. We can adjust the presentation of the information we are seeing by sliding the right hand part of the slider, and the corner icon, to display our patterns at a larger scale.

These individual patterns, arranged side to side, will create a song. However, in order to play the entire song, and not just a pattern, we have to change this setting.

This will allow FL Studio to play a song instead of just the pattern.

Save your file as “My First Arrangement”