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Adobe Photoshop - Edit an Image

We have already explored creating vector images in Adobe Illustrator. Now we are going to learn about raster images using Adobe Photoshop!

  1. Create a new folder in your "Multimedia" folder label it "Adobe Photoshop - Edit an Image"
  2. Download this image to your desktop: Norway.jpg (Click on the link to open it. Then right-click on the image itself and choose "Save image as")
  3. Open Photoshop
  4. Click the following link:
  5. Begin the tutorial by completing the "1. Crop and Straighten" section by following along with the video.
  6. Complete the steps of the "1. Crop and Straighten" video by watching and listening to the video and PAUSING the video along the way to complete the steps along with the narrator.
  7. Once you are caught up with the narrator, continue to play the video. Repeat pausing and playing the video until you complete the "1. Crop and Straighten" section on your own.
  8. Repeat the above steps for the "2. Improve Lighting and Color" section.
  9. Repeat the above steps for the "3. Remove Unwanted Content" section.
  10. After the "3. Remove Unwanted Content" video is completed, make sure you save your work. Your file should be named Norway.psd
  11. Now save the file as a jpg by choosing File > Save As and selecting JPEG from the Format drop down menu. Name the file Norway.jpg and click Save.
  12. A box will appear allowing you to choose various options as to how you want to save your JPEG. Change the quality to 12 by either typing it in or moving the slider icon all the way to the right. Then click OK.
  13. Upload Norway.psd and Norway.jpg to your "Adobe Photoshop - Edit an Image" folder.


I'm done! Now what?

If you finish the assignment with extra time to spare, you may continue working on the remaining two videos from the website ("4. Add Creative Effects" and "5. Sharpen and Save"). Create a new folder inside your "Adobe Photoshop - Edit an Image" folder and name it "Above and Beyond". You can save your new work here.