Turn off your iPad. It is not to be used (in any way) in this classroom, either for academic or recreational use (unless approved by the instructor). Ignoring this will result in detention and further disciplinary action (Gross Misconduct/Refusal to comply). Not gonna lie - I absolutely hate them. Did you remember to put your assignments in a folder? Did you label the folder after the assignment title? Did you save your file in the appropriate manner? If not: NO GRADE! Check your PowerSchool frequently. It's your RESPONSIBILITY!

Getting Started in Room 1D

  • Course Description
  • Communications
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia
  • Independent Study
  • Production Printing)
  • Introduction to Your Instructor
  • Procedures
  • Emergency Exit procedure (Fire)
  • Natural Disaster Procedure (Tornado/Earthquake)
  • Lockdown Procedure (Intruders)
  • Law Enforcement Entry (Police/K-9 Unit searches)
  • Administration (Observations/Evaluations)
  • Network Login Procedures and Student Folder Setup
  • Introduction to
  • Classroom Policy (the “Rules of Engagement”)
  • 1 to 1 Technology overview (why I do not allow iPads in my classroom - unless authorized)
  • Seating arrangements
  • Questions?