Turn off your iPad. It is not to be used (in any way) in this classroom, either for academic or recreational use (unless approved by the instructor). Ignoring this will result in detention and further disciplinary action (Gross Misconduct/Refusal to comply).  Did you remember to put your assignments in a folder? Did you label the folder after the assignment title? Did you save your file in the appropriate manner? If not: NO GRADE! Check your PowerSchool frequently. It's your RESPONSIBILITY!

Assignments, Quizzes, and Exam Instructions

  1. Open up ExamView
  2. Enter in your Login (Your first and last name)
  3. Enter in your ID (this is your student ID)
  4. In the folder box it says "C:\Examview". Click on the folder and navitage here: “S:(students)/MHS/Technology Education/Examview"”
  5. The appropriate test for you should pop up in the above list
  6. Select your assignment, quiz, or exam
  7. Select “Next”

The password will vary depending on the class you are in.

  1. Communications: "comm"
  2. Graphic Design: "design"
  3. Multimedia: "multimedia"
  4. Production Printing: "print"

Answer all exam/quiz questions and complete any essay portions of the exam

At the end of the exam, click on the "Stop" button (shaped like a stop sign) and your exam will be completed.

(Final Exam Only!) When you have completed the exam or quiz, you may surf the Internet, study for another exam, listen to music (with headphones, ear buds, etc.) or anything that will keep you quiet until all students have completed the exam.