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Text FX

Due Date: September 27

  1. Create a "Text FX" folder in your Graphic Design folder
  2. Create a new Adobe Illustrator document (set to Print, 8.5 x 11)
  3. Use the Type tool to create your text
    • “TEXT” = Impact (175 pt)
    • “FX” = Tw Cent MT (225 pt)
  4. Create a red bar underneath your text, that spans the entire length from under the "T" to the far right of the "X"
  5. Right click on your text and select  “Create Outlines” to convert text to shapes
  6. Add a stroke to the “FX” (use the “Align Stroke to Outside” setting). Make the stroke white, and make it 4 pt
  7. Use “Direct Select” arrow to manipulate individual points to reshape the “X” the red bar, and the “F” (so that it appears like the image above).
  8. Use “Outline Stroke” (under Object then Path on your menu bar), to create the white buffer area between the tail of the X and the red bar
  9. Select the X and select "Ungroup" from the "Object" item on the menu bar (This will separate the stroke from the X shape).
  10. Select the red bar and the stroke. Use Path Finder (Divide) to separate the stroke area from the red bar.You will probably need to recolor a portion of the X black as the Path Finder will end up coloring it red.
  11. Ungroup the red bar, the stroke, and the X
  12. Recconect the separated black portions of the X using Path Finder (Unite) function.
  13. Extend the right let of the X so that it connects corner to corner like the image above (be sure to maintain it's angle integrity
  14. Color the X red.
  15. Use “Path Finder” to join the X and the red bar (this will join the X and the bar where it joins together at the bottom corner area)
  16. Use the “Knife” tool on your toolbar to cut the word “TEXT” into different sections

  17. Ungroup your “TEXT” so that the different segments can be manipulated individually
  18. Move the different “TEXT” segments around, maybe rotating some pieces slightly, offsetting their spacing to create that broken and fractured appearance.
  19. Select all of the “TEXT” segments and use “Unite” (under Pathfinder) to rejoin them.
  20. Apply a red stroke, aligning the stroke to the “Inside”
  21. Apply a “Drop Shadow” Stylize filter from the “Effect” drop down menu using these settings
  22. Save your document as "TEXT FX.pdf" in your "Text Fx" folder