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Clipping Mask (Illustrator)

Due Date: January 23

Create a new document in Adobe Illustrator (8.5 x 11 is fine)

Part I

  1. Create a new folder in your Graphic Design folder and title it "Photo Clipping Mask"
  2. Find an image of some jellybeans (use Google images)
  3. Use the Windows “Snip” tool to capture the image.
  4. Copy and then paste it into Adobe Illustrator
  5. Create a new text layer and type the word “TEXT” (The text should be on top of the jellybean image)
  6. Make sure the text uses the IMPACT font and set the font size to 310pt
  7. Stretch the image of the jellybeans so that it extends past the actual overall size of the text itself.
  8. Right click on the text and select “Create Outlines.” This converts the editable text into actual shapes
    Example of TEXT on top of Jellybean image

    Example of converted TEXT (which is now shapes) on top of Jellybean image
  9. Ungroup the text shapes by going to the menu and selecting “Object” and then “Ungroup”
  10. Select the converted text and go to the menu item “Object” then select “Compound Path” and then select “Make.
    Example of Compound Object
  11. Select both the “TEXT” compound object and the Jellybean image
  12. Go to menu and select “Clipping Mask” and then select “Make.”

Part II

  1. Create three new Artboards (Window/Artboards)
  2. Create three shapes of your choice (circle, square, triangle,star, custom pent tool shape, polygon, whatever)
  3. Find three different images on the internet (school appropriate please) and create three different photo clipping masks using the images and the shapes
  4. Save this file as "Photo Clipping Mask.pdf" in your folder.