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Line FX

Due Date: September 27

Create a new folder in your Graphic Design folder and name it "Line FX"

  1. Create a new Adobe Illustrator document (Print, 8.5 x 11)
  2. Use the Pen Tool to create a line like the one you see here
  3. Give it a 2pt black stroke
  4. Copy the line and Paste In Front four times (this should give you a total of five lines
  5. Drag the top line down about an inch.
  6. Select all the lines (the bottom line and the four top lines that are stacked on top of each other).
  7. Open your “Align” panel
  8. Select “Vertical Distribute Center” from the Distribute Objects part of the panel.
    What you should see is this:
  9. Select the “Width Tool” from your toolbar
  10. Click and Drag upwards on your top line, about an inch from the left side.
    What you should see is this:
  11. Do the same thing to the bottom line, about an inch from the right side.
    What you should see is this:
  12. Select the “Pucker” tool. You can find this by holding down the “Width Tool” on the toolbar...more tools will pop up.
  13. Drag your mouse anywhere in the white area (somewhere away form your lines) you will notice a circle. This circle is the “Area of Effect.”  While holding the Alt key, drag your mouse and you will see the Are of Effect change size and shape. Make the circle form into a vertical oval shape.
  14. Now (without your finger on the Alt key) click dead center of your lines. They should pucker inwards like this:
  15. Select the “Scallop” tool
  16. With the Area of Effect still a vertical oval, click and drag a sort of zig-zag pattern through yoru lines (it doesn’t have to be perfect).
    This is what mine appears as:
  17. Select all of your lines
  18. Open your “Gradient” (Under Window)
  19. Select the Yellow/Orange gradient

    What you should see is something like this:

Create 5 more designs on this page using

  • The creation of at least five lines (using the Pen Tool).
  • The “Vertical Distribute Center” option in the Align panel.
  • Any combination of the tools (Warp, Scallop, Twirl, Bloat, Pucker, Width, Crystalize, Wrinkle)
  • An application of a gradient to each and every design you made.

Save your document as "Line FX.pdf"