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Introduction to Graphic Design

So, the question is "How is Graphic Design different from Fine Art"? Not so easily pigeon-holed, Graphic Design differs from fine art in that its purpose strays from the act of self-expression for the sake of self-expression, even though the end result is still a form of self-expression. It doesn't really seem to make sense does it? Things become even more complicated when money enters the equation. But, it is the money, or some other form of reward, that defines Graphic Design at the root level. Graphic Designers are paid for their work. They're contracted to perform a service to a client, to help establish corporate identities, and to fulfill the needs of a customer. In effect, because the work that the Graphic Artist performs typically is representative of the company or business owner that they serve, they can be considered the front-line unit of any business or corporation.

Objectives of Graphic Design

Learn the fundamentals of design

    • Exercise the "Create-on-Demand" discipline
    • Master design/software organizational procedures and strategies
    • Develop/Design end-products for a prospective client by meeting client demands
    • Advanced study of image-manipulation
    • Application of sofware suite functionality
    • Expression of the self through a visual medium
    • Use file sharing for collaboration with other students, via the school network, in order to enhance efficiency
    • To establish an understanding of technological impacts and capabilities, as well as observe trends and changes, in the design/visual medium world