Turn off your iPad. It is not to be used (in any way) in this classroom, either for academic or recreational use (unless approved by the instructor). Ignoring this will result in detention and further disciplinary action (Gross Misconduct/Refusal to comply). Did you remember to put your assignments in a folder? Did you label the folder after the assignment title? Did you save your file in the appropriate manner? If not: NO GRADE! Check your PowerSchool frequently. It's your RESPONSIBILITY!


Final Exam Review

Study these Powerpoint files:

Photoshop Tools 1

Photoshop Tools 2

Photoshop Tools 3

Photoshop Tools 4

Photoshop Tools 5

Photoshop Tools 6

Color Mode / Resolution

Photoshop Layers

Watch these videos:

Pathfinder (Adobe Illustrator)

Working With Text (Adobe Illustrator)

Layer Basics (Adobe Photoshop)

Guides and Grids (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator)

Pen Tool Extrapolation Method (Photoshop)


Sample Questions 

  1. In your words, what is the difference between a "Fine Artist" and a "Graphic Designer"?

  2. When you want to open a document in Photoshop, (in order to maintain the layers that you created) you need to __________________ your document that you created in Illustrator.

    A. Export

    B. Save As

    C. Import

    D. Create

  3. Copy and pasting a shape from Illustrator to Photoshop gives you the option of pasting it as

    a. Smart Object

    b. Path

    c. Pixels

    d. Shape Layers

    e. Only a and b

    f. Only b and c

    g. A, B, C and D are correct