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Brush FX (Customizing Strokes)

Due Date: September 27

Create a new folder in your Graphic Design folder and call if "Brush FX"

  1. Create a new Adobe Illustrator document (Print, 8.5 x 11)
  2. Create the words “brush FX” using the type tool.
  3. Right click on the text you created and select “Create Outlines” (this will convert the text into shapes).
  4. Go to “Object” and choose “Ungroup.”
  5. Open your “Brushes” panel (under Window).
  6. Use the “Pencil” tool to create a squiggly line like the one I have created (yours does not have to be exactly as mine is).
  7. Give it a 2pt black stroke
  8. Drag your squiggly line into your Brushes panel.
  9. Choose "Art Brush" Use these settings:
  10. Select the words “brush FX”
  11. Select your squiggly line brush from your Brushes panel.
  12. Observe the effects.
  13. Save your document as "Brush FX.pdf"