Wearable End-Product Part 2 (Buttons)

Using Photoshop and Illustrator, we can create a variety of end -products that prove our concept-to-artifact approach works real well. However, simply making something and hopeing for the best is not the best approach. We need to know certain thing about our end product. For instance, what size is it going to be? Will we use full color or black/white? Is it going to be photographic (Photoshop) or vector style (Illustrator) graphics and imagery? There are quite a few questions that need to be answered before we just jump right in.

For this project, we will be designing six different buttons. Three of the buttons will be for 2.25" sized buttons. And, three of the buttons will be for 1.5" inch buttons.

This activity will require that we use Illustrator (at the very least). You can use photoshop as well. But, we will definitely be using Illustrator no matter.what. because our templates are PDF files and we'll need to do some assembly work in Illustrator.

Step 1: Download this template for the 1.5"  buttons and this template for 2.25" buttons

Step 2: Design your button

*When you are done desiging, be sure to turn the layers off with the circles (except for the outermost circle).

Step 3: Create your button

  • Print to the OKI printer
  • Use the paper cutter (or scissors) to trim out your button (loose trim)
  • Use the hole punch to remove the remainder of loose trim
  • Use Button maker to create the actual button, using the backplate (pin part) the front plate, your image, and the mylar (plastic) pieces
    *Be sure to ask your teacher for a demonstration on how to use the button makers before you attempt to do it yourself.

Step 4: Present your buttons to your teacher