Turn off your iPad. It is not to be used (in any way) in this classroom, either for academic or recreational use (unless approved by the instructor). Ignoring this will result in detention and further disciplinary action (Gross Misconduct/Refusal to comply). Did you remember to put your assignments in a folder? Did you label the folder after the assignment title? Did you save your file in the appropriate manner? If not: NO GRADE! Check your PowerSchool frequently. It's your RESPONSIBILITY!


Smiley Clock Rubric

Illustrator work is layered and labeled correctly
No labels or layers
Layers but no labels
Layers and labels are present
Clock circles and numbers are aligned and appear like the sample image
Horizontally or Vertically (but, not both)
Clock circles are both horizontally and vertically aligned
Illustrator shapes are filled and stroked appropriately
No fills/strokes
Some fills and strokes (but not all)
All shapes are appropriately filled and stroked according to the sample image
Layer Styles
Some layer styles are applied
All layer styles are applied
Assignment is saved as a .PDF document and saved in the appropriate folder
Total Points: 10x 2