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Smiley Clock: Illustrator and Photoshop

smileyclockgraphicDue Date: September 18

Create a new folder and title it "Smiley Clock"

During the creation of 2D images, there is a difference in understanding how software applications work – let alone, work together. More often than not, designers come to realize that there are very few true Swiss-Army knife applications that “do it all.” Thus, the development of software “suites” herald their own brand and type of products that combine to help designers and creators solve problems that cannot be accomplished using only one application

The provided tutorial will demonstrate the application of multi-disciplinary tools (Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop) and how they work together to create an image.

  • Download (Right click, then "Save Target As") the Smiley Clock PDF.
  • Acquire the "Smiley Face" image from the "Source Files" option on the Home/Resources dropdown menu.
  • Upon completion, save your Photoshop document as an Adobe PDF file called "Smiley Clock Finished".