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Photoshop Layer Styles

  1. Open Photoshop (if not already opened)
  2. Re-Open the file "Layer Exercise 2 Finished.psd"
  3. Click on the Dog Layer.
  4. At the bottom of the Layers Panel, click on the "FX" button (also known as the Layer Styles button).
  5. Select "Bevel and Emboss" style from the Pop-Up menu.
  6. Adjust the Structure Depth to 256%.
  7. Adjust the Structure Size to 18
  8. Adjust the Shading Angle to 108
  9. Adjust the Shading Altitude to 58
  10. Click on the "Inner Shadow" style on the left hand side-bar (make sure it turns blue)
  11. Adjust the Opacity to 55%
  12. Adjust the Distance to 12
  13. The Blend Mode should be "Multiply"
  14. Click on the "Drop Shadow style on the left hand side-bar (make sure it's blue)
  15. Set the Opacity to 50%
  16. Set the Distance to 10
  17. Click on the "Gradient Overlay" style on the left hand side-bar (make sure it's blue)
  18. Change the Gradient color mode to "Overlay"
  19. Drag your layers panel away from it's position (which is stuck on the right hand side of the screen) by clicking on the panel's name (that Layer tab) and position it anywhere you want to within Photoshop. This should sort of extend the layer panel and you can see the layers widen a bit.
  20. Right click on the the Dog layer (a little to the right of the actual layer name) and select "Copy Layer Style"
  21. Right click on the Cat layer (a little to the right of the actual layer name) and select "Paste Layer Style"
  22. Repeat this for the Bird layer
  23. Double-click on the "FX" button on the Cat layer. This will re-open the Layer Styles dialog box.
  24. Select "Outer Glow" from the left hand side-bar.
  25. Set the Structure's Blend Mode to "Normal"
  26. Set the Structure's Opacity to 100%
  27. Set the Element's Spread to 19%
  28. Set the Element's Size to 18px
  29. Set the color to a nice pink (your choice)
  30. Click "Okay"
  31. Click on the Dog Layer
  32. Double Click on the FX button the Dog Layer
  33. Select "Inner Glow" on the left-hand side-bar
  34. Set the Blend mode to "Normal"
  35. Set the "Choke" to 24%
  36. Set the Size to 38 px
  37. Set the color to an orange (your choice)
  38. Add whatever combination of Layer Styles to the Bird layer (get creative)
  39. Save your file as "Photoshop Layer Styles Finished.psd"
  40. Re-Save your file as "Photoshop Layer Styles Finished.pdf"