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Photoshop Layers (Part 2)

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Re-open the file "Layer Exercise 1 Finished.psd"
  3. Make sure the Layer's Panel is open.
  4. Click and drag the Triangle layer, dropping it underneath the Circle Layer.
  5. Change the Opacity of the Triangle layer to 35%, located at the top of the Layer's panel.
  6. Change ethe Opacity of the Square to 60%
  7. Change the Opacity of the Circle layer to 40%
  8. Save this document as "Layer Exercise 2 Finished.psd"
  9. Click on the "Home" button of and select "Source Files" from the dropdown menu.
  10. On this page, you will find three hyperlinks labeled "Dog," "Cat," and "Bird." Clicking on these links will open up images of a Dog, Cat and Bird. You need to download these images into your "Layer Exercises" folder inside of your Communications/Multimedia folder.
  11. In Photoshop, open the Dog file.
  12. Click on the "Select" menu and choose "Select All." This will select the entire picture of the dog.
  13. Copy the picture of the dog.
  14. Close the picture of the dog.
  15. On your Layer's Exercise 2 Finished photoshop file, use the Magic Wand to select the Circle (You must select the Circle layer first).
  16. With the Circle "Marqueed'd" off, go to the menu item labeled "Edit" and then "Paste Into" (Located under the "Paste Special" menu item). This will paste the picture of the dog into the circle.
  17. Notice the new layer on the Layer's Pallette? You can see the layer with the dog as well as a white circle to the right of it. This is what we call a "Layer Mask." The mask allows whatever is in the circle to show through. Whatever is behind the black part of the mask is hidden from view.
  18.  Name this layer "Dog."
  19. The dog appears to be too large. You need to "rescale" the picture of the dog by clicking on the menu item "Edit" and then click on the drop-down item labeled "Transform." Select "Scale" from the Transform menu.
  20. Hold down the "Shift" key on the keyboard and grab any of the corners on the re-scaling box.
  21. Drag inwards toward the center of the picture (keep holding the "shift key). This will scale the image down so that it fits within the circle. You can also grab the picture and move it around for a better fit as well.
  22. When you are done, click the "Enter" key. This finishes up the Transform function.
  23. Repeat the process with the picture of the Bird and the Cat. The provided sample shows you how your image should look when you are done.
  24. Remember to name these layers "Bird" and "Cat."
  25.  The layers and their masks must be "Linked." Click on the little gap between the image and the mask on the layer. After you click, you will notice a small chain link symbol. This indicates that the layers are linked. So, when you move one layer both layers will move at the same time. This ensures that the applied mask keeps masking the image as it should, regardless of where the dog, cat or bird is placed on the document.

  26. Now, it's time to link the layers. Click on the Dog layer.
  27. Hold down the "Shift" key and then click on the "Circle" layer. This allows you to select multiple layers at one time.
  28. Click on the "Link" button at the bottom of the "Layer's Panel." This will link multiple layers together. You only want to link the Dog layer with the Circle layer.
  29. Remember to do this for the Cat and Bird as well.
  30. Now, reposition the Cat towards the bottom right hand corner of the Photoshop document.
  31. Reposition the dog to the upper left hand corner of the document.
    Click on the Dog layer and change it's blend mode to "Multiply" (at the top of the Layer's Panel).
  32. Click on the Cat layer and change it's blend mode to "Exclusion" (at the top of the Layer's Panel).
  33. Click on the Bird layer and change it's blend mode to "Vivid Light (at the top of the Layer's Panel).
  34. Save your document as "Layer Exercise 2 Finished.psd"
  35. Re-Save your document as "Layer Exercise 2 Finished.pdf"