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Final Exam Review

Study these Powerpoint files:

Photoshop Tools 1

Photoshop Tools 2

Photoshop Tools 3

Photoshop Tools 4

Photoshop Tools 5

Photoshop Tools 6

Color Mode / Resolution

Photoshop Layers

Watch these videos:

Pathfinder (Adobe Illustrator)

Working With Text (Adobe Illustrator)

Layer Basics (Adobe Photoshop)

Guides and Grids (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator)

Pen Tool Extrapolation Method (Photoshop)


Sample Questions 

  1. You use the Pen Tool in Photoshop and Illustrator to draw shapes (T/F)
  2. You can use the Marquee tool to select an area of an image, shape, or layer (T/F)
  3. The outline of a shape is called the “Fill” (T/F)
  4. Illustrator’s native file format is “..pdf” (T/F)
  5. Layers can be dragged and dropped to the top to bottom of the layer stack in the Layers palette. (T/F)
  6. To delete a layer, all you have to do is “right click” on the layer and select “Delete Layer” (T/F)
  7. A benefit of using the pen tool is that the nodes (anchors, points, etc) can be repositioned after you have created them. (T/F)
  8. Those blue lines that can be dragged from the Rulers are called “Slides” (T/F)
  9. In order for a project to be completed, you must save your document as a both the “native” file format and as a “PDF” (T/F)
  10. When cutting letters out on vinyl, for the purpose of applying them to fabric, you need to cut the letters so that they appear backward unless you already made the backward in Illustrator. (T/F)
  11. In Adobe InDesign, you can create “Types” in order to modify text and paragraphs that the “Type” is applied to (for example, Story Titles in a newspaper). (T/F)
    1. Shapes, in Illustrator, can be combined or subtracted from each other using the ___________menu options 
      A. Layers 
      B. Arrangement
      C. Path Finder     
      D. Transform