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Page Layout: Adobe InDesign (Due Date: March 26)

Part 9: Rounding Things Out

Cupcakes are round. Cherries are round too. Our text boxes aren’t. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

  1. Select the Cupcake Textbox
  2. Click on this box and select “Rounded” from the drop down list 
  3. Create a new rectangle for the lower portion of the document, expect its edges will stretch out just beyond the sides of the document. Make the rectangles corners rounded as well, but use 40px instead of 13px
  4. It’s fill color should be as so:
    • Red: 255
    • Green: 230
    • Blue: 195
  5. Stretch the rectangle out sot that the corners are unseen at the bottom of the page.
  6. Arrange the lower rectangle so that it is beneath the Cupcake History’s rectangle, but still on top of the cherry and background color layer. 
  7. Download the image of the Twinky Box and save it to your InDesign folder.
  8. Place the file in your document. Rescale the size as necessary.
  9. This image has a white background (which we don’t want). Edit this image in Photoshop so that you eliminate the white background. Once saved, your InDesign document will auto-update with the new image.