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Page Layout: Adobe InDesign (Due Date: March 26)

Part 8: Backgrounds, Graphics/Images, and Effects (D)

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document.
    • Profile is: Devices
    • Size is: iPad
  2. Go to File and then select “Place”
  3. Choose the picture of the Cherry that you downloaded from the internet.
  4. Scale the cherry so that it is easy to work with.
  5. With the cherry selected, click on the “Image Trace” function (be sure to choose “3 Colors” from its presets)
  6. When the Image Tracking is done, click on “Expand” (this will break apart the cherry into its three different colors) 
  7. Go to Object and select “Ungroup” (This separates the different colors from being in a group).Select the white area around the cherry and select “Delete” from the keyboard.
  8. Delete this white area.
  9. When that outside white is deleted, select all of the cherry and regroup it.
  10. Scale the cherry down so that it fits these dimensions: 
  11. Open the Swatches Panel from the Window menu bar item
  12. Drag the cherry into the Swatches Panel.
  13. Now, drag the cherry into paste-board area (the area outside of the document)
  14. Use your Rectangle Shape tool to draw a rectangle the exact size of the document.
  15. Once you have created your rectangle (make sure it’s still selected), click on the cherry icon in the Swatches Panel. This should fill the rectangle with a lot of cherries (almost too many)
  16. Double click on the cherry icon in the Swatches Panel
  17. Use these settings to adjust the cherry pattern layout: 
  18. Click “Done” at the top of the document when you are finished adjusting these settings. This will space out our pattern the way we want.
  19. Save this as “Cherries.AI” (an illustrator file)
  20. In InDesign, lock all layers except for the Background layer
  21. Place this” file into your document (it should be the same size as the document you are currently working on)
  22. Position it so that it covers the entire area
  23. Arrange it so that it is in front of the background color but behind the “Cupcake History” text area background color
  24. Go to the Effects panel and select “Transparency” (make sure you still have the Cherry graphic selected)
  25. Set the Transparency Opacity level at 12%

Save Your Document

This is how your document should look at this point:


Select the Cupcake History Textbox background and apply the “Drop Shadow” effect from the Effects Panel.

  1. Set the Mode to: Multiply
  2. Set the Distance to: 7 px
  3. Set the Size to: 7 px
  4. Select “Ok”
  5. Apply a Stroke to the this textbox
    • Set Red to: 161
    • Set Green to: 106
    • Set Blue to: 85
  6. Set the stroke to 3 

    With any luck, this is how your image should appear:



    Save Your Document