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Page Layout: Adobe InDesign (Due Date: March 26)

Part 7: Backgrounds, Graphics/Images, and Effects (C)

Everything looks rather nice…except for the boring text at the very top of the page. That Adobe InDesign doesn’t seem to fit (for a variety of reasons). For one, I’m not real sure what InDesign has to do with Cupcakes and Twinkys. Perhaps we should change this to something more appropriate like “My Favorite Treats.” Yeah,…let’s do that.

Of course, it’s still rather boring.

  1. Select the text “My Favorite Treats”
  2. Go to Window and then choose “Effects”
  3. On the Effects panel, select this button here: 
  4. Select “Inner Shadow”
  5. Set the Angle to “135”
  6. Set the Distance to “6”
  7. Select “OK”

If done correctly, this is how things should appear:


The only real issue I have here is still with the top text. In most publications, the top text is referred to as the “Masthead,” typically the publications title like “Sports Illustrated” or “Newsweek.” And, it’s pretty dominant. So, I would actually like the text to extend to the edges of the darker rectangle (for framing purposes). 

  1. Stretch the My Favorite Treats text box so that it’s edges reach the far edge of the actual document.
  2. Resize your text so that it is 87 pt (Notice that part of your text disappears?) 
  3. Right click on the “My Favorite Treats” text box and select “Text Frame Options”
  4. Select “Ignore Text Wrap” in the dialogue box.
  5. Click “Okay”
  6. In your Layer’s Panel, rearrange your layers so that the Graphics and Images layer is now on top of the Text layer. 

If all goes well, your document should appear like this: (I’ll admit, I nudged my cupcake over and up just a bit so that it overlaps the title more).


Save Your Document