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Page Layout: Adobe InDesign (Due Date: March 26)

Part 6: Backgrounds, Graphics/Images, and Effects (B)

I really like the look of that chocolate cupcake. I really, really do. But, I think it needs that special something. And, what I think it needs is a cherry on top of it. So, we need to go to the Internet and find one.

  1. Navigate here and save this image of a Maraschino Cherry.
  2. Make sure your Graphics and Images layer is unlocked
  3. Right click on the cupcake image and select “Edit With” choosing “Photoshop CS6," or, you may have to navigate to it: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6"    (This will bring up Photoshop)
  4. Go to File and select “Place” and then select the image of the Cherry.
  5. Re-Scale the cherry so that it fits your desired tastes.
  6. Edit the cherry in such a way that you remove the stem (you will probably have to “rasterize” the cherry layer first)

I used a combination of tools, including the eraser, layers, and masking (just do your best).

Save your Photoshop documentas Cupcake.psd (photoshop document)

We want to switch out our original delicious cupcake with our new cupcake. In order to do this, we perform a process called “Link/ReLink” in InDesign.

  1. In your InDesign document, select the cupcake.
  2. Go to Window and select “Links” panel.
  3. In your Links panel, there will be a small image displayed of your cupcake Right click on this image and select “Relink”
  4. Choose the Cupcake.psd file from the dialogue box.
  5. Click “Open”. This will replace the original cupcake with the new cupcake


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