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Page Layout: Adobe InDesign (Due Date: March 26)

Part 5: Backgrounds, Graphics/Images, and Effects (A)

  1. Lock all of your layers except for the Background layer.
  2. Select the Background layer
  3. On the Toolbar, select the Rectangle Tool 
  4. Draw a rectangle underneath the “Cupcake History text box (including the cupcake itself). This will create a rectangle around the area with a black stroke. We need to change this.
  5. Swap the stroke color with the fill color (this will color the entire box black and you will not be able to see the text. 
  6. Double click the foreground color box and change these settings
    • Red: 254
    • Green: 232
    • Blue: 210
  7. If your text "disappears" after you create the rectangle box, check the following:
    • Are all of your objects in the correct layers? (All text is in the "text" layer, etc.)
    • Is the text wrap on your rectangle box set to "no text wrap"? Go to Window > Text Wrap. Make sure your rectangle box is selected, and then be sure you have the text wrap set to "no text wrap".

    Your document should look like this:


    If you take a good look at our document, it’s starting to shape up nicely. However, the human eye has difficulty resolving any lack of real breathing room between objects. Just like we adjusted the gap between the cupcake and the text, we need to do the same for the actual history text and the background box.


  1. Lock the background layer
  2. Unlock the Text layer
  3. Double click on the “History Paragraph” style and select “Indents and Spacing”
  4. Check the “Preview” check box at the bottom of the dialogue box (this will allow us to see our changes as we make them.
  5. Set the Left Indent to 8
  6. Set the Right Indent to 8
  7. Click “Ok”
  8. Do the same for the “Column Header” style, using the same settings.
  9. Relock your Text layer
  10. Unlock your background layer
  11. Use the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle the size of the document.
  12. Color the rectangle with these values:
    1. Red: 255
    2. Green: 251
    3. Blue: 231

Depending on how you did this, the rectangle should cover up the original rectangle you created to fit behind the Cupcake History. We want that rectangle back. So, we need to rearrange these two shapes.

  1. Right click on the Yellow rectangle and select “Arrange”
  2. Choose, Send to Back

Now, these items are stacked correctly. And, I like them so much that I decided that I want to change the position of things so that we take a real advantage of this whole stacked object thing we have going on.

I have repositioned my cupcake so that it actually sits outside of the darker colored box, both horizontally and vertically. Look at the example I have provided and make your cupcake look the same:

Save Your Document