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Page Layout: Adobe InDesign (Due Date: March 26)

Part 3: Text Wrapping

  1. Select the box surrounding the cupcake.
  2. Under Window, select “Text Wrap,” which will display your Text Wrap panel.
  3. Make sure that your settings match what I have here:

After applying these settings, your document should appear as so:

Please note that there is a difference in terminology between “Wrap” and “Flow.” The text that spans from column to column or from text box to text box “flow.” The text that conforms to the contour of an image “wraps.” Of course, we now have a new problem. Not all of our text is displayed. It appears that when we inserted the cupcake, and wrapped the history text, it didn’t’ leave enough room to present all the text. So, we need to resize the text box. In the properties box, change the cupcake history’s text box so that the height is now 328 px.

This is actually a good time to see how our document will look like once it’s published.

Under the “View” item on the menu bar, select “Screen Mode” and then select “Preview.” This will modify the display so that your document will hide your image and text boxes (also known as “Bounding boxes”). Be sure to switch it back to “Normal” when you’re done.

Save your document.