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Page Layout: Adobe InDesign (Due Date: March 26)

Part 2: Layering and Organization

As you already know, organizing things into layers is essential when working with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The same rules of organizational control apply in Adobe InDesign as well (in fact, they apply to pretty much all Adobe products). Because we are going to have texts, graphical elements, images, and probably a color scheme, we need different layers for different things.,

  1. Open your “Layers” panel that is located under “Window”
  2. Create three layers and title each one as follows
    • Guides
    • Background
    • Graphics and Images
  3. Rename the “Layer 1” to “text”
  4. Reorganize your layers so that the layers look like this:



    Notice that if you each layer has a colored arrow next to it. When you import items into your document, or you create new items within your document, the box that they are contained in will have a certain color. That color is determined by the color associated with the layer. So, in my document, if I created text and it had a green box or a red box, it indicates that my text is definitely not on the right layer. I would need to cut/paste that text into the appropriate layer (light blue, in this case).


  1. Using your web browser, navigate here: CUPCAKE IMAGE
  2. Right click on the image and save this image to your “InDesign” folder 
  3. In InDesign, you will “Place” this image into your document (be sure to select the image of the delicious cupcake) 
  4. InDesign will display a small image of the cupcake. When you click on document, InDesign places the cupcake image into the document – but it’s HUUUUGE!. So, you need to select the box that the cupcake is in and modify these properties so that they are these numbers: (make sure that little lock is checked – it constrains the proportions) 
  5. So, the image frame is smaller but we can’t actually see the image anymore. To correct this, right click on the box that the cupcake should be in and select “Fitting” and then choose “Fit Content to Frame” (this will make our cupcake visible and also it will fit inside the box now) 
  6. Now, reposition the cupcake image so that it is aligned to the right side of the page (aligned with the text boxes right side) while it’s top meets up with the Adobe InDesign text box’s bottom.


As you can see, the text actually overlaps the image of the cupcake (no good). We need to fix this so that the text is readable. In order to accomplish this, we’ll utilize InDesign’s “Text Wrap” function.

Save Your Document