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Adobe InDesign Continued - Due 3/29 (end of the period)

Part 4: Creating Drop Caps

“Drop Caps” are sort of an adornment for paragraph formatting, where the first letter of the paragraph is accentuated, usually bolded, and very large. You probably have seen these in a variety of magazines, newspapers, books, and even on wide-format printing like posters…maybe even menus.

  1.        Find some text (any text) that you can use to fill up the blank area on our Front Page. Make sure that it uses multiple paragraphs (at least 3).
  2.        Create a new text box on our Front Page (not the master page, but the actual page) and paste your text into the text box. (Your text box should extend almost from one edge of the red rectangle to the other – leave a little gap of white in between).
  3.        Create a new style and call it “Content Style”
  4.        Use Ariel font
  5.       Use 12 pt
  6.        Use regular
  7.        Apply the style to the text inside the text box.
  8.        Go to Window and select “Type and Tables”
  9.        Select “Paragraph”
  10.        In the “Paragraph” panel, change this setting to “2”

    This will make all paragraph beginning letters increase in size.

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