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Adobe InDesign Continued - Due 3/29 (end of the period)

Part 3: Creating a Master Front Page

It’s great that we have a master page that dictates what all of our pages will eventually look like. But, we have a problem. Our very first page looks kind of weird. It conforms to what our double-page Master page looks like, and it’s constrained to look like the second half of the master page, which is simply a top red bar. We don’t’ want that. Instead, we want a master page built specifically for just this front page.

  1.        On the Pages panel, right click in the Master page area and select “New Master” and use these
  2.        Click OK

You should see this in your Pages panel:


  1.        Right Click on your “Page 1” in your Pages panel and select “Apply Master”
  2.        Select “B-Front Page” (Make sure the “To Pages” is set to 1)
  3.        Now, double click your “B-Front Page” on your Pages panel.
  4.        On your new master page, you’ll need to create what is called a “Masthead”. Create a new text box and type the words “Technology Quarterly” (Be sure to do this on the appropriate layer)
    •        Use these settings:

    •       Justiy the text to the center of the text box
    •        Color the text white
  5.        Create a black box that will go underneath your masthead text, using these settings:

Your document should look like this:


  1.        In the Text box for Technology Quarterly, click on the right side of the “Y” in the word “Quarterly” and go to “Type” on the menu bar.
  2.        Select “Insert Special Character”
  3.        Select “Symbols”
  4.        Choose “Copyright”
  5.    Highlight the inserted copyright symbol
  6.    Use these settings for formatting the copyright symbol
  7. In order to align the copyright symbol to the top of the text select the copyright symbol and then select "Type and Tables" under the "Window" command on the menu bar.
  8. Select "Character"
  9. Use these settings:

  10. Create a rectangle in the lower part of the document using these settings:
  11.    Apply a red stroke to the rectangle and make it 4pt stroke thickness.

    Your document should appear like this:

It’s time to insert a table. Tables are excellent for helping to organize information and data in both vertical and horizontal manners. Tables are basically a sort of framing device that uses compartments created by horizontal and vertical intersecting areas known as “cells.”  And, these individual cells can be modified individually. But, first, let’s insert a table.

  1.        Make sure you are not editing your Master page at this point. Instead, select "Page 1" on the pages panel. On your Toolbar, select the “Rectangle Frame Tool” and draw a new “frame” at the bottom of the document using these settings:
  2. Select the "Type" Tool from the toolbar      
  3. Double click in the center are of the frame you just created.
  4. Now that the interior area of the frame is selected, go to Table on the menu bar and select “Insert Table” using these settings:

Now that our table is created, we can edit our cells.

  1.        Click and drag the interior of the top left cell to the top right cell. This should select all three “Header” cells.
  2.        Right click on the selection and select “Cell Options”
  3.        Choose “Strokes and Fills”
  4.        Apply these settings:
  5.        Select “OK”


Now, we format our cells

  1.        In the top left cell, type the word “CONTACT”
  2.        In the top middle cell, type the word “SUPPORT”
  3.        In the top right cell, type the word “COMPANY”
  4.        Create a new Character Style and call it “Table Header”
    •      Use Ariel Font
    •      Make it Bold
    •      Make it 14pt
    •      Make it white
  5.        Apply the “Table Header” style to the “Company” “Contact” and “Support”

    This is how your document should appear:

Fill every cell in with a color of your choice, Here is what I did with mine:

Save Your Document