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Adobe InDesign Continued - Due 3/29 (end of the period)

Part 2: Page Numbering and Interactive Elements

To add page numbering to our document, we need to create a text frame box at the bottom left hand of the master page. To do this, simply grab the Type Tool (T) from the InDesign tool  bar and click and drag a small rectangle at the bottom left corner. You should see something like this:

Now, in order to get our pages to automatically number, we need to use something called “Special Characters” in InDesign.

  1.        Double click on the text box you just created (you should see the cursor inside the text box now)
  2.        On the Menu Bar, select “Type” and then “Insert Special Character”
  3.        Choose “Markers”
  4.        Select “Current Page Number” (this will insert a small “A” into the box.)
  5.        Repeat this process for the opposing page, making the text box in the right bottom corner instead.
  6.        Edit both of these Current Page Number boxes so that the font is Ariel, 14pt and Bolded

 We need to add a hyperlinked (website link) at the bottom of the page.

  1.        On the right-side Master Page, create a text box at the bottom of the page and type the worlds “Technology Quarterly.”
  2.        Highlight the words “Technology Quarterly” and right click.
  3.        Select “Interactive” and then select “New Hyperlink Destination”

    Use these settings:

  4.        Click OK

Now, even though our document may not display it, the words Technology Quarterly will act as a hyperlink once we export the document.