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Adobe InDesign Continued - Due 3/29 (end of the period)

Part 1: Master Pages and Subordinate Pages

  1. In your Communications Folder, create a new folder called “Adobe InDesign Continued”
  2. Open Adobe InDesign
  3. Create a new document
    1. Select: Print
    2. Select: Letter
    3. Select: Portrait
  4. Open the “Pages” panel under Window
  5. Click on the “Create New Page” icon on the bottom of the panel
  6. Create enough so that there are five pages total 
  7. Open the Layers panel (under Window)
  8. Create layers for the following:
    1. Graphics and Images
    2. Text
    3. Guides
    4. Background
  9. Switch back to the “Pages” panel
  10. Double click on the left page on the Pages area labeled “A-Master”
  11. On this page, create a black rectangle according to these specifications: 
  12. Create a Red rectangle according to these specifications: 
  13. Create a new text box.
  14. In the text box, type “TECHNOLOGY QUARTERLY,” using these specifications: 
  15. Change the font to “white”
  16. Center your text inside the text box
  17. Rotate the box 90⁰ counter clock-wise

Your image document should look like this:

More importantly, your Pages Panel should look like this:

Take notice that Pages 2 and 4 have the page “A-Master” applied to them. Thus, whatever you do to the master, the same will occur on the pages that the master is applied to. In some applications (such as Adobe Dreamweaver) this is referred to as a “Template.” Whatever the terminology, or program you are working in, “Masters” and “Templates” are essentially the same thing. Let’s finish up the Master pages so that pages 3 and 5 have some elements of design as well.

I’ve decided I want to simplify things while making the pages still look nice. So, instead of getting crazy, I simply took the red box and stretched it out so that it extends to the far right edge of the blank page on the master page.

Like this:

The Pages panel should appear like this:

See? Nothing fancy…yet.

Save this document as “Adobe InDesign Continued”