noipadNo iPads are allowed to be used in this class either for academic or recreational use.. Using the ipad is a violation of Gross Misconduct and  will result in detention and other disciplinary action.

Adobe Illustrator - Getting Started

Due Date: January 11

Create a new folder in your Communications/Multimedia folder and title it "Adobe Illustrator - Getting Started"

Download these next few files into your "Adobe Illustrator - Getting Started" folder by clicking your right mouse button and then selecting  :"save target as" (Internet Explorer) or "save link as" (Google Chrome).

Open the Adobe Illustrator application (located in your start menu - Adobe Illustrator CS6 or Adobe Illustrator CC). You will use Adobe Illustator to open each of the .PDF documents (below) and perform the actions required on each document. When you are done, be sure to click on "Save"