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Chapter 1: Introduction to Communication

Due Date: August 14

Chapter 1: Introduction to Communication

Read all of Chapter 1.

Complete the "Exam View" questions/answers (Multiple choice, true/false, short answer, essay) following these instructions.

The assignment that will show up for you is titled: "Chapter 1: Introduction to Communication"

Study the "Words to Know" section. You do not have to write these terms out, but they will be a part of the follow-up discussions fo this chapter.

Standards of Technological Literacy

STL 1 - The Characteristics and Scope of Technology

  • Nature of Technology

STL 2 - The Core Concepts of Technology

  • Systems
  • Resources
  • Requirements
  • Optimization and Trade-offs
  • Processes
  • Controls

STL 3 - The Relationships Among Technologies and Connections Between Technology and Other fields

  • Technology transfer
  • Innovation and Invention

STL4 - The Cultural, Social, Economic, and Political Effects of Technology

  • Trade-offs and effects
  • Ethical Implications
  • Culturla, Social, Economic, and political changes

STL 5 - The Effects of Technology on Environment

  • Reduce negative consequences of technology
  • Decisions and Trade-offs

STL 7 - The Influence of Technology on History

  • Evolutionary development of technology
  • Dramatic changes in society
  • History of Technology
  • Early technological History
  • The Renaissance
  • The Industiral Revolution
  • The Information Age

STL 12 - Use and Maintain Technological Products and Systems

  • Use computers to communicate
  • Operate and maintain systems